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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a popular form of denture that’s used to literally ‘bridge the gap’ made by a missing or damaged tooth. Designed to cover the space left by a damaged or missing tooth, dental bridges fuse to the teeth surrounding a damaged tooth and create fullness in parts of the mouth with missing or damaged teeth.

Due to their relative ease of installation and simple design, particularly compared to a full denture, dental bridges are one of the most popular forms of restorative dental surgery. In many cases, dental bridges are made using same materials as veneers or dental crowns – porcelain, composite, and even gold are popular materials.

While dental bridges aren’t as much of a major operation as dentures, or even a full crown fitted on top of a damaged tooth, their great aesthetics and relatively simple care requirements have made them one of the most popular ways to cover gaps in the smile that would otherwise be fixed by an individual dental implant.

How Much do Costa Rica Dental Bridges Cost?

Dental bridges range in price based on the size of the bridge and the materials used to create it. Having your dental bridge created and installed in Costa Rice allows you to save significant amounts when compared to staying in the United States. Many of our patients save over 70 percent on procedures using expert Costa Rica dentists.

The final pricing of your dental bridge will depend on the size of the bridge. Dental bridges can range from small dentures used to cover a single missing tooth to large and complicated dental bridges that cover two or more missing teeth. Generally, the larger your dental bridge needs to be, the more it will cost for the procedure.

Like many other restorative dental procedures, dental bridges are available in one of several materials. Most dental bridges were once made from gold or amalgam to improve their rigidity. Today, most doctors opt for the more aesthetically pleasing materials of porcelain and dental composite.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

Do you have unsightly gaps in your rear teeth? Many of us succumb to tooth decay and damage as we grow older, particularly in the rear teeth. Due to pressures from chewing and dislodged food, the molars are some of the first teeth to show signs of decay and tartar, with many of us losing teeth in the rear of our mouth with age.

Dental bridges are fitted to the teeth surrounding an empty spot or damaged tooth in the rear of your mouth, providing two major benefits. Built to the shape of your natural teeth, dental bridges provide you with added chewing strength as well as a great aesthetic replacement for your decaying or damaged missing teeth.

To do this, dental bridges are attached to the teeth surrounding your problem area using a specially fitted dental prosthesis. In most cases, this requires reshaping the surrounding teeth to better join to the dental bridge, which is secured in place with a powerful form of dental cement.